Nature meets Fragrance

‘Kundal’ is a compound word of ‘kunst’ and ‘kindal’. ‘Kunst’ means art, skill, and professionality and ‘Kindal’ means macadamia from nature. As shown with the name, ‘Kundal’ pursue an all-natural personal care brand.


We seek beauty and fragrance from nature. We deliver eco-friendly personal care products that everyone loves to use and can be placed in all households. We want to leave a lasting impact beyond a bottle that captures the essence of nature.


Spend Less on Things, 

Spend More on Life

‘KUNDAL’s core philosophy is making sure that our products are made of harmless and natural ingredients, but accessible to everyone by eliminating unnecessary retail cost


Our History

2016. 10.   KUNDAL Treatment Online First Launch

2016. 11.   KUNDAL Nature Shampoo Launch

2017. 02.   Awarded No.1 on the 2017 Korean Brand Satisfaction Index

2017. 02.   KUNDAL Hair Essence Launch

2017. 04.   Ranked No.1 in Sales Volume on Coupang  *Coupang : No.1 Online channel in Korea 

2017. 07.   KUNDAL Body Wash, Body Lotion Launch

2017. 11.   Cumulative sales Volume exceeds 1 million units

2018. 01.   Winner of 2018 Korea Excellent Brand Grand Prize in ‘Natural Shampoo’ category

2018. 03.   Entered 89 ‘Metro’ stores in Russia

2019. 01.   Awarded with 2019 Grand Prize of the most trusted brand selected by consumers in Korea

2019. 03.   Cumulative sales volume exceeds 6 million units

2019. 12.   Cumulative sales volume exceeds 9.5 million units

2019. 12.   Selling online at 11 countries and offline on 9 countries

2020. 01.   Awarded with 2020 Grand Prize at Korea First Brand 2020

2020. 02.   Entered 'Guardian' stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam

2020. 03.   Entered 'Mannings' stores in Hongkong

2020. 05.   Cumulative sales Volume exceeds 13 million units

2020. 06.   Selected as 'Brand K' company by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups of Korea

2020. 08.   Planned to enter 'Seven Eleven' in Thailand

Total 48 kinds of personal care products,

34 kinds of Fragrances

KUNDAL Certificate

CPNP Authorization Completed

Registered on Thailand FDA

Awarded No.1 Korea Brand Satisfaction Index in 2017

(No.1 Category of Treatment)

Selected as the 2nd 'Brand K' company in 2020 
(Korea's Leader Cooperative Brand

 chosen by the Korean government)

Registered on Malaysia NPRA

Registered on Vietnam FDA

Grand Prize in Korea Excellent Brand in 2018

(Awarded in Cosmetics Natural Shampoo)

Awarded with Grand Prize at Korea First Brand 2020

(No.1 Consumer Satisfaction Brand to Lead 2020 KUNDAL Awarded for No,1 Scalp Care)

Registered on Indonesia BPOM

Registered on Singapore HSA

Registered on the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare

Registering on the Chinese Food and Drug Administration

Awarded 2019 Grand Prize of the Most Trusted Brand Selected

(Category of Natural Shampoo)

Awarded 2019 Excellent Product in Hi Seoul Competition

(Category of Natural Shampoo)


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HQ ADDRESS : 06045 13, Hakdong-ro 23 gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

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